Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello.... to anyone that is listening.

I have always struggle with intros.... introduction paragraphs for research papers, introducing myself to new people at parties, even those 30-60 second intros on albums that usually consist of some instrumental orchestration used to sonically open you up and bring you in.... in some way or another the "beginning" usually succeeds in making me nervous. 

I'll tell you right off the bat I'm not a wordsmith (I have friends that are) and I'm not particularly gifted at being articulate (I talk a lot with my hands, which, on the internet really does me no good). But I have an undying love for music and random things in life. 

I suppose at times I'm a walking cliche.... a young twenty-something looking to learn about life and love among the confusing and sometimes ridiculous happenings of young adulthood with the backdrop of the big city - cue b-roll of Los Angeles - shadowing over her (wow, this girl is cheesy). But seriously, if nothing else I'm hoping that this web log (yep, I totally had to google "blog" to figure out where the heck that word came from) will serve as a virtual record of my life's musings as well as keep those I don't get to see often enough (I'm talking straight to you Ooka clan) in the know about my life. Who knows, we may even start a conversation or two ;)

So here goes.....

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