Friday, September 25, 2009

from one romantic to another

Last night I was lucky to finally catch Sondre Lerche at the Troubadour. I have been a fan for years and for some reason or another I always was successful at missing him.

Last night he was in top form, presenting a one-man show with nothing to hide behind other than his electric blue jazz guitar and boy-ish Norwegian charm.

Now Lerche, whose 5 LPs span the time period of 8 years, has tried his hand at various styles. He began by releasing two indie rock, string-infused albums that catered to the tales of the heart, to the romantic feelings of the woods, a sound that harkens back to simpler more beautiful time.

He then branched out and found solace in the studio with the lovely fellows of the Faces Down Quartet producing a jazz album - quite reminiscent of Chet Baker but without the bittersweet taste of a man eternally forlorn and love lost.

Phantom Punch provided just that. A punch of gritty guitar riffs and an explosion of hyper-energy.

His latest effort, Heartbeat Radio, is more like his first two albums but with more of a bubble-gum glaze coating each song.

Still, the thread that runs through everything Sondre Lerche does is an undying romanticism. He believes in love and isn't afraid to tell you that. Last night, to introduce his song Words & Music he prefaced it by warning all those cynics that this next one was their cue to throw up in their mouths. He knows his underlying sentiment is slightly cheesy. However he's self-assured enough to know that that same sentiment is rooted in a heartfelt truth.

And that's why I eat it up.

So here you go. I've posted the Words & Music mp3 as well as his music video for Two Way Monologue.

Words and Music - Sondre Lerche

Have a splendid weekend <3

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