Friday, April 30, 2010

that's the thing that I keep in the back of my head

To express how I've been feeling these days, I present to you a few songs that encapsulate my general mood for April 2010.

Los Angeles : Not so bad
Most of you know that I have had a long-term battle with the city of Los Angeles. When I first moved down here, I really didn't like it much. I couldn't understand the culture, I missed my beloved evergreens, and wearing sweats everyday was somehow unacceptable.

More recently I have had grand dreams of moving to New York, London, even Vancouver. But the tides have seemingly turned yet again. These past few weeks, my love for the City of Angeles has reemerged and I have found myself loving the sunny-but-not-too-hot afternoons. I have been eating fresh produce from the farmer's market and my bike has even seen some new mileage.

But maybe the real reason for this new attitude towards my adopted home can be found in the charming ways of Joni Mitchell's "California".

Dare I say I may be garnering some California pride?
shhhhh... don't tell anyone.

Going with the flow? Who knew
I have never really been that laid back. I worry about almost everything and always anticipate the worst. But for whatever reason, this month I've witness a slight internal change. Things aren't as big of deal; certain things happening or not happening don't always have some deeper meaning. Life sometimes just grabs you and you have to go with it. It's okay not be in control 100% of the time.

I Know What I Know - Paul Simon

Now, if only I could be given a Fulbright.

Texas: The New Frontier
Okay, I'll admit it. I have always had a preconceived notion of the state of Texas... and not the best one at that. But in the past two weeks I have had a change of heart. Now, some of you will scoff and what I'm about to say but...

Friday Night Light (the tv show) has sparked a new interest and appreciation for the Lone Star State.

Yes, it is a little ridiculous. But even so, it's not any less relevant to my life (whether it is based in reality or not). I find myself day dreaming of a Texan gentleman (who played football in high school - very important) showing up at my door ready to sweep me off my feet. Okay, so yes, it is completely ridiculous.

I did run into a southern gentleman last night but he was from Georgia... it wasn't the same.

Look Into The Air - Explosions in the Sky

I will say, that show has quite a nice soundtrack.

So enjoy this last day of April. Tomorrow brings May.

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  1. I agree...that Georgian man....Definitely not the same