Wednesday, August 4, 2010

this one goes out to s. california

It's really feeling like summer here in Seattle. The daily temperature is right around 80 degrees and by noon you can count on the sun making it's way through the grey cloudy sky.

5pm is just about perfect.

As I was driving back from Roslyn, WA this past Sunday, Avi Buffalo fit the bill for the drive's soundtrack. Straight-forward and unencumbered, these young'uns from Long Beach have really hit the nail on how to release a summer-ready album. Casual and breezy - with some heart-felt albeit hormone-infused observations about being young - Avi Buffalo takes from their surroundings in the best way possible. When I found out they were from the South Bay it totally didn't surprise me.

While tunes like "What's In It?" feel like a lazy afternoon, songs such as  "Five Little Sluts" is a smooth night out at the local bar.

Their stand-out number is "Remember Last Time". It takes you on a three-part journey, ultimately dropping you off somewhere between new love euphoria and arresting anticipation.

So for all of you guys I miss and love in LA, here's to you!

Remember Last Time - Avi Buffalo

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  1. Dear Clear Spot Gal,
    Have you made any mixes on I think you should. I'd love to get a direct taste of what's in your tape deck!
    Musically Parched in the Desert