Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's alright, i'm ok. how are you?

Joni Mitchell & Graham Nash.

I can’t help but think of the amazing love story these two had for that short period of time when they were young. I have read a number of articles, watched a few documentaries, and am currently reading a book surrounding this place and time. From what I have gathered, Graham Nash was wholly enamored by Joni. I have read countless interviews with him where he cites his time with Joni as some of the most cherished moments of his life. He revered her as an artist much more talented than himself. When I read about how/why they broke up it just breaks my heart. I’m totally on Team Graham.

Nash's album Songs for Beginners - released just one month before Mitchell's Blue - was very much a mediation on the unraveling of the couple's relationship. With "I Used To Be A King" Nash realizes that his heart has been changed forever. He's moving on but he's become guarded and slightly cynical. Part of his heart as been stolen... and he's not so sure he'll ever get it back.

Someone is going to take my heart but no one is going to break my heart again.

I Used To Be A King - Graham Nash

ps Check out Joni's tune "I Had A King". Although she wrote it before meeting Nash it does offer a deeper understanding to what Nash is trying to get at in "I Used To Be A King".

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  1. This totally breaks my heart too! Ugh. Joni, COME ON!