Wednesday, October 13, 2010

united states of americana

I can't seem to finish a book these days; it's a problem I have noticed since I graduated.

In LA I never really set aside enough time to read . My problem with reading is somewhat different now that I find myself back in Seattle. I have done a considerable amount of recreational page turning in the last few months but I have a difficult time sticking with ONE book. Maybe it's because of years neglecting my "fun reading" impulses. I'm trying to make up for lost time.

My hope is that that is changing.

I recently attended a book release party for Kurt B. Reighley's (KEXP's DJ El toro) latest United States of Americana. Reighley examines what he has found to be a movement back towards simpler times, to a lifestyle concerned with the best way to pickle carrots and the proper wool from which to crochet a winter hat. The event was chalkful of pastime entertainment (a bluegrass clogging duo, a burlesgue dancer, and multiple folk/americana musical outfits).

Being a work of non-fiction (including an entire chapter on music history) I think my goal of getting to the last page is actually quite attainable. In my experience thus far, it's quite an engaging read. Here's hoping!

(I should mention that I'm also intent on finishing Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise sometime soon. Decisions decisions.)

ps If you haven't tried an Old-Fashioned cocktail I highly recommend it.... especially if you have a tendency towards whiskey. Word on the street is that Don Draper agrees.

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