Saturday, June 11, 2011

picnic table and badminton

A couple of weekends ago, my roommates and I christened our brand new picnic table by throwing a bbq in our new and improved backyard. In LA I always found myself living in apartments with barely enough room for a small balcony or porch. Here in Seattle, I finally have some room to stretch my feet and me and the gals are taking full advantage of it. About a month ago, as we were stumbling home late one evening we noticed that one of neighbors a couple blocks from our house had put out a free bench swing. We took it apart, and in two pieces, carried it home. After some avid craigslisting, we got our hands on a lovely wood picnic table perfect for sunset dinners and bbq banquets under the sun.

So as I was saying, a few weekends ago we invited some family and friends over to enjoy our new backyard digs. We spend the afternoon and evening playing badminton and sippin' on fresh squeezed lemonaide (yeah, that's right, fresh squeezed).

And what was the soundtrack to these magical festivities, you ask?

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