Sunday, March 4, 2012

reverie 1a

1. {Peonies} I've never been much of a flower person - ask me the name of most plants and I can almost guarantee you I don't know it. However, I've recently begun to appreciate the subtle beauty of filling your house with fresh flowers. Peonies are just so lush and soft and indulgent. 

2. {Kinfolk Magazine} I was thumbing through the current issue of this quarterly yesterday - my own copy is arriving in the mail this week - and everything from the paper to the photos to the layout got me so excited. I have been a long time fan of the whole "dinner with friends" things and this magazine is dedicated solely to food and the social experience of sharing it. Back in LA I had a group of friends that would get together and cook a huge meal on Sunday evenings. I truly cherish those meals together and lately I've been making an effort to makes those happenings occure more often. 

3. {Barr-Co Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion} I first sited this yummy lotion at one of my favorite boutiques in Ballard, Lucca (seriously, they have the cutest nic nacs). The stuff is so smooth and even smells soft. I was at Anthropologie recently and noticed they are now selling the line. Good things should be shared with the masses.

4. {Kirsty Maccoll} This lady has been on heavy rotation as of late. Her mix of sweet and salty has found a perfect match in these early moments of spring. If you haven't listened to her I strongly suggest you check out "They Don't Know" and "A New England".... and if you're feeling a little spunky take "Turn My Motor" for a ride. 

5. {1842 Rosa Alba Eau De Parfum} I NEED a new fragrance! I'm running low on my tried-and-true MJ and am itching to try something new. I've never actually sniffed this Happ & Stahns perfume but thought the bottle was quite darling. Any fragrance suggestions?

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