Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Could We

So a couple of weeks ago my friend Pat sent me the most wonderful link. It was to an article on the Los Angeles Times Blog about the couple of LA Swell Season shows in November. Now, you may be thinking I'm going to spend the rest of this post talking about The Swell Season and how I loved the music in Once and yada yada yada.

Well, I'm not! So ha!

For me, the highlight of the article was when the reporter started to talk about Jason Segel's appearance at Wednesday's show and how, at the end of the set, he waltzed out on stage, sat down at the ivory keys, and proceeded to play an original tune.

So of course, I HAD to call that number..... and to my pleasant surprise, Jason's voice greeted me on the other line - MY HEART MELTED!

So here it is, a playlist dedicated to that feeling.
That feeling of interest and desire.
That feeling of excitement and butterflies.
That feeling of euphoria.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this song. It's carefree. It's wispy. It's exactly how I want to feel these days. For whatever reason it really pulls me back to the beginning of this century. Now that might be a kind of weird thing to say seeing as though we have yet to close out this decade. But unlike most songs this one feels very "present".

Now, I have yet to write about the music collective known as Ra Ra Riot (a Barsuk act! yay Seattle!) but I am a huge fan of The Rhumb Line. I was lucky to catch them when they opened for Andrew Bird a few months ago (thanks to my friend Hillary) and ever since have been in love. Butterflies. This song is all about butterflies... and anticipation... and wanting.

Twilight. Need I say more?

I love Joni Mitchell. My mother does not.

Unlike her undying love for Carole King, my mom "can't stand" Joni's voice - it's "too whiny". I love my mom. To her credit, it took me a while to warm up to Mitchell. But once I did, it was over. She has some of the best lyrics when it comes to writing about love. Don't even get me started on "All I Want" - hmmm, maybe I should have added that to the list.

Bjork's Debut album is absolutely fantastic. It always reminds me of the trip I took to San Francisco my freshman year of college. It was an interesting journey to say the least. In fact, it marked my first Amoeba experience (I bought a used copy of Debut at the Haight-Ashbury location).

To get the full effect of this track you have to blast this in your car as you drive fast, in the dark of night. Magic!

Slow build. Musically. Lyrically. Slow build.

I've been waiting.

Chet Baker only sung about love. Maybe because it perplexed him so. Maybe because he never seemed to be able to hold onto it for long. The perpetual heart-broken heart-breaker. Like on most of his tunes, he brought - in equal parts - the power of his trumpet and the spell-binding softness of his voice. I will forever be mesmerized and in love.

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