Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"holiday cheer" series - Song #2

When I first entered kindergarden, school seemed like a huge place. The 8th graders looked like freshman in college (one even cornered me against a wall at recess and burped in my face which was traumatizing, to say the least), everyone wore the same thing, and there were multiple buildings. I warmed up to the place quite fast and by October I was double-dutching with 2nd graders.

In December I was introduced to advent and all the catholic traditions surrounding it. Every morning before school started, all 186 students - ranging from kindergarden to 8th grade - piled into the cafeteria and unveiled the day's teaching on the advent calendar. A reading was read, the candles on the advent wreath were lit, and we would all join in in singing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel".

So here you go, #2 on my "holiday cheer" playlist:

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