Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday cheer series

This is the first "series" I am attempting here at The Clear Spot. I started to compile a list of my favorite Christmas songs - based on musical merit but mostly based on sentimental value. I'm going to space them out which will hopefully give you incentive to check back regularly.

Maybe it's growing older. Maybe it's not having family around. Maybe it's LA. These past few years December has not felt nearly as Christmas-y as it once did.

However, I have high hopes for this year. I will spending a good two and a half weeks at home.

This means I'll get to go skiing. I'll get to help at my aunt's bakery during the holiday rush. Who knows, I may even be compelled to stop by St. C's.

So before I get too carried away here you go, the first installment of my Holiday Playlist.

I decided, against my best judgement, to start out with my favorite Christmas song of all time. Now I know, it's like eating dessert before dinner but I figured this way it would give you all the maximum amount of time to play this lovely gem.

So yes, the obvious sentimental reason for loving this song is it's connection to A Charlie Brown Christmas. However, it's more than that.

The brushes dance along the top of the snare sounds like snow softly falling... each piano note acts as footsteps through a winter wonderland... the bass hums at the opening of the song as if fueled by carolers.

It captures that bittersweet taste of Christmas.

So go forward and be merry. And if you don't have the whole A Charlie Brown Christmassoundtrack you must put it on your holiday to-do list!

ps Check out the song Skating... in 1996 me and my brother used it to choreograph a floor exercise routine. That was the same year I used tape to create a balance beam in my living room...

I was setting my sights on becoming the next Bela Karolyi.


  1. love this series. can i have it early for our christmas dinner?

    slash...2 and 1/2 weeks. TEARS!!!!

  2. We are the lucky have you close by during Christmas! Love reading your connection to these songs and the subtlies you find in the music.!